Bilingual Schools

Vienna Bilingual Schooling (VBS)

In order to meet the needs of the ever-increasing number of Viennese pupils that have an outstanding command of both English as well as German language skills (or rather to cater for the large numbers of parents who want their kids to grow up bilingually), VBS was developed. The aim of the VBS schools is to implement German, as well as English, as the languages of instruction from the first day of school.

VBS begins with primary school and continues through both lower and upper secondary schools, imparting a basic general education in the first language of the child, either in English or German. For the first two years of primary school the children learn language and literacy in their dominant language, then in the subsequent two years they learn language and literacy in their second language. All other subjects are taught in German or bilingually; there is a German-speaking class teacher and a native-English speaking teacher.

To enroll in one of the few VBS schools in Vienna, the student must have an orientation talk with a localised VBS commission made up of a head teacher, native speaker teachers and supervisory personnel. Communication skills in English and German will be tested, as well as social skills and general maturity, and the child’s flexibility within both languages will be observed.

At the “Open House” (Tag der offenen Tür) sign up for an appointment for an orientation talk which generally take place in late November. You can of course make an appointment directly with your desired school throughout the year.

At the moment there are ten VBS schools in Vienna. Although there are examples of students getting into their school of choice regardless of resident district, standard practice is to place the student into the school in the closest district.

Here is a list of the location of the VBS schools:

  • 1060 Sonnenuhrgasse 3-5
  • 1100 Selma Lagerlöf-Gasse 20
  • 1100 Keplerplatz 7
  • 1160 Herbststraße 86
  • 1180 Scheibenbergstraße 63
  • 1190 Grinzinger Straße 88
  • 1220 Leonard Bernstein-Straße 2
  • 1220 Meißnergasse 1
  • 1220 Schüttaustraße 42

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Global Education Primary School (GEPS)

A GEPS school is a normal primary school for German-speaking children, however one hour of the curriculum per day is taught in English by a native speaker (this is more English than offered at a regular Austrian primary school). There are currently 17 GEPS in Vienna.

  • 1020 Ernst Melchior-Gasse 9
  • 1030 Reisnerstraße 43
  • 1040 Sankt Elisabeth-Platz 8
  • 1040 Schäffergasse 3
  • 1080 Zeltgasse 7 
  • 1090 Marktgasse 31
  • 1110 Braunhubergasse 3
  • 1120 Deckergasse 1
  • 1120 Karl Löwe-Gasse 20
  • 1130 Auhofstraße 49
  • 1140 Linzer Straße 419
  • 1170 Wichtelgasse 67
  • 1200 Vorgartenstraße 42
  • 1210 Brünner Straße 139
  • 1220 Meißnergasse 1
  • 1220 Schüttaustraße 42
  • 1230 Anton Baumgartner-Straße 44/II

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