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Introduction to membership FAQ

Welcome to Vienna, Austria! We are glad that you’ve decided to join our organization. You can register online through this link [click here].
Simply fill the registration form preferably using your private email address so that you are sure you can always have access to it.

Follow the instructions that you will receive by email. At this stage, you will be asked the month and year of birth of your child/ren. If you’re currently pregnant, put your approximate due date.

Pay for your membership online. If you pay via SEPA, it may take a few days for the money to reach our account and your membership to be confirmed.

If you are already a VFN Member and wish to register your spouse or partner, simply fill up this form [click here] . You won’t need to pay again for your partner.
*note that only ONE spouse/partner is allowed per Member.

Simply contact us with your details and why you are leaving our organization. Our Treasurer will get in touch with you for your claim.

We moved and updated the Website in 2021. The terms and conditions were also updated and in accordance to the GDPR regulations, your consent is required in order to keep on using your VFN account. Therefore, we had to delete the account when you did not log into our new website when we requested you to do so in 2021. The VFN membership is lifetime but we couldn’t keep your data when we don’t have your consent.
If you wish to reactivate your membership, please contact us here and send us any proof of your membership, including but not limited to, a proof of membership payment, an email from VFN/VBC, an email from your coordinator, and so on. We will help you re-activate your membership.

Discounts are very much welcome! Simply send an email here with details regarding your business and we will get in touch with you.

If you wish to have your membership cancelled and your data deleted, simply send an email to us here and we will get back to you.

Life is full of changes! If you wish to make a change in your submitted data, like your address or telephone number, simply log-in on your account on the VFN Website and make the changes on your Profile.