Vienna Family Network Membership

Vienna Family Network Membership

Welcome to our community of international parents! Becoming a VFN member is easy and will give you access to our groups, our online community and exclusive events. We charge a one-time nominal fee of 40 EUR for lifetime membership per family, which covers our administrative costs (we are a non-profit organization) and supports our activities. Be sure to read our Terms of Membership, Code of Conduct and our Privacy Policy. If you would like to know more about our membership, come to our next Open House or contact us by email.
Please choose this option if you would like to become a member. Your partner will be able to register afterwards using the other option once your membership has been confirmed.

Please choose this option if your partner is already a VFN member and has paid their VFN membership. You won’t need to pay again to become a member too.


Volunteering with VFN

VFN is an organization run entirely by member-volunteers. We pride ourselves on the level of support provided by our members, who donate their time, experience and expertise to keep our network running smoothly.

Volunteering is a great way to develop new skills and have some fun, while meeting new friends. If this is something that you are considering, there are many roles to choose from depending on your skillset, interests and availability. Interested in volunteering as a VFN member? Please get in touch with us.

Finding your role in VFN

Helping hands

These hands ensure that our events run smoothly on the day. Join us for one or two hours to support at check-in, bake sale, set up or clean up, helping families and other various needs depending on the event. See, volunteering doesn’t mean that you need to sign your life away!

Group Coordinators

Ours groups need someone to look after them. Do you like talking to people, organizing meet ups and bringing people together? You are who the group needs!

VFN Event organizers

Are there events and celebrations that you are passionate about? Then help us to organize these so that others can join in. You will not be left alone and will work in a team big or small, depending on the event.

Project and Event leaders

Do you want to use or brush up your project management skills? Then you could help us with some of our bigger projects and events. Develop your people leadership skills, in a safe and supporting environment, guide the team to meet the deadlines and connect with the VFN Steering Committee.

Creative minds

Can you write? Can you draw? Can you turn our ideas into smart visuals? With regular newsletters, Social Media, communication and marketing to be done, we need creative minds who can show what is happening at VFN.

Technical and professional experts

Do you have any other skills that VFN can (and should) benefit from, then let us know. It might be that we need you on our Steering Committee or to help with the variety of tasks that we are involved in.



Opportunities For Member Businesses

What is a Member Business? 

Our member businesses are exactly that—VFN members who also have their own businesses in Vienna.

It’s an ideal partnership that benefits both parties—VFN members learn about relevant services or products and the business itself gains added exposure. We love to organize events and activities together with our Member Businesses and are so grateful for their continuous support.

If you are a VFN member and would like to list your business on the VFN website, please login to the Member-only section of the website.

You can find the complete directory of our Member Businesses here: Member Businesses Directory

Opportunities For Non Member Businesses

Not a VFN member but you or your company would still like to offer special discounts to our community?  Please get in touch with us.

Our members will be able to see your special offer when they log into the “Members Only” section of the website with their username and password.

Would you like to help raising money for our Charity of the Year?

Each year we are also looking for sponsors who can offer prizes for our Christmas party raffle and support us in our fundraising efforts for our Charity of the Year.

If you would like to help, please get in touch with us.